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What follows are sources that the author regularly visits in order to add to, or update, this site.

Restatement (Third) of the Law Governing Lawyers.  The American Law Institute officially promulgated the Restatement in May 1998.  After minor revisions, the final document was published in 2000.  Every lawyer who regularly deals with ethics issues needs a copy.  It is available in hardback (two volumes) or paperback (one volume).  The latter is easier to use and costs less.

Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr., W. William Hodes, & Peter R. Jarvis, The Law of Lawyering (two loose-leaf binders).  It is published by Aspen Publishers.

Ronald D. Rotunda, Legal Ethics: The Lawyer's Deskbook on Professional Responsibility.   

American Bar Association, Annotated Model Rules of Professional Conduct. 

American Bar Association Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility Formal Opinions.  The ABA/BNA Lawyers' Manual, mentioned below, carries the full text.  Also available on Westlaw.

The American Bar Association Center for Professional Responsibility has a very useful Web site.  It includes the completed work of the Ethics 2000 Commission, materials on multidisciplinary practice, materials on multijurisdictional practice, and information on the Center’s annual National Conference on Professional Responsibility.  The Center also publishes books on professional responsibility including the Rotunda book and the Annotated Model Rules mentioned above.

ABA/BNA Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct.  This is a big set of loose-leaf books, all of which are now online. An extremely valuable part of this publication is Current Reports.  These are published in hard copy and online, every two weeks.

The Cornell Legal Information Institute provides online the rules of 25 important states as well as a narrative discussion of those rules.

Ronald E. Mallen & Jeffrey M. Smith, Legal Malpractice (West Group).  This is a five-volume treatise, which is primarily devoted to those who deal with malpractice claims.  Nevertheless, the author of this site has made great use of this set on several occasions.  For ordering information, click here.

Richard E. Flamm, Lawyer Disqualification: Conflicts of Interest and Other Bases.  This book is published by Banks and Jordan Publishing Company.  It contains exhaustive discussions of many of the topics treated at this site.  The author cites approximately 3,500 cases.  Regularly supplemented.

Home/Table of Contents